Every quarter of the year, a new Vlisco fashion and accessories collection is launched in the four Vlisco Boutiques in Africa. The clothing lines serve largely as a source of inspiration for consumers, who often have their clothing made by a personal tailor. With a complete line of bags, shoes and jewellery, women can clothe themselves in Vlisco from head to toe.  Vlisco has been doing this(designing and producing)  for over 100years for the enabling well-to-do African women to experience the brand in all her  facets and to maintain the leading position, not only in the area of design, but also in terms of total brand orientation.


This quarter, Vlisco launches her Delicate Shades fabric collection, letting designs to play a more major role than usual. A number of designs take on a different appearance when viewed from the left or right, resulting in infinite ways to wear it. A range of bold blue shades and overpowering earthy tones are highlighted by bright accents of yellow and pink. The colourful graphic designs play with your mind, transforming into three-dimensional illustrations with outlined shadows, as the elusive waves of colour appear to set the illustrated woman into motion, seemingly revived in your imagination.

The inspiration for the collection was drawn from the perfect imperfection that underlines Vlisco’s craftsmanship. The unique printing technique was taken to the next level for the collection, turning inspiration into reality. The result is two different designs on one fabric created from a single pattern design. Since the front and back are different, a double layer with a transparent effect is created. The possibilities to create a stunning outfit are virtually endless.

The fashion and accessories collection was inspired by the optical illusion created by the distinctive front and back of the fabric. The outfits and bags accentuate this effect, fresh in their design and strong in their simplicity and the Luxury Editions are a combination of fabrics embellished with exclusive details and are a further translation of the Delicate Shades designs. Sophisticated embroidery, shimmering sequins and sparkling Swarovski crystals give the fabric a luxurious and feminine twist. Adding Luxury Editions to an outfit creates a completely new look.

The Ad campaign is inspired by the unique Vlisco drawing technique and features artwork from Fashion illustrator Sabine Pieper, whose handwriting matches the brand values of Vlisco and has reinterpreted the ‘Vlisco woman’ for this campaign.

Combined with the fabrics, the campaign images are the ultimate interpretation of Delicate Shades. Pictures of Delicate Shades below…..








The luxury editions are available in Vlisco Boutiques, on the website, and in specially selected stores in Africa, while the fashion and accessories are only available in Vlisco Boutiques and on the website.

For more information about Vlisco designs, products and collections, go to their official website www.vlisco.com


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