“I have heard the false and laughable rumours that there’s heavy pressure on me to marry. There’s no iota of truth in that in that rumour or report.  There’s no pressure on me to settle down from any quarter, not even my parents or loved ones. At the appropriate time, I will marry like my brother and friend, Aki did. But what I don’t like and will not accept is the rumour circulating that I’m under pressure to find a wife and settle down within the next couple of months. It’s pure lies and fabrication from some unserious and jobless people. Yes, there is someone in my life right now, but I can’t tell you the exact date we are getting married. It could be next year or the year after. Right now, we are happy being together.” Osita Iheme responded when asked by EE if there was pressure on him to marry, after his best friend got married a few weeks ago.



Osita Iheme is a popular Nigerian actor and is widely known for playing the role of ‘Pawpaw’ in the film Aki Na Ukwa alongside Chinedu Ikedieze.



In 2007 Osita received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the African Movie Academy Awards and is said to be one of Nigeria’s most famous actors.




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