The artiste had no money but he had a great song. He believed that if his director could make documentaries that have been broadcasted on CNN – then he can get him to make a simple music video out of nothing. He ambushed him with NGN200, and said “James Amuta, you have to help me I need to get this done.’’

The Miraculous Producer

James didn’t see it as doing him a favour, he saw it as a huge challenge – and opportunity to educate and inspire other artistes in his shoes.
When they started rolling the camera around midnight, Ajibade Gbenro Emmanuel was there – he heard the news that James was daring to make a music video with nothing, and as a film enthusiast, he wanted to experience the shoot first hand. He was amazed at the fact that they built tracks and dolly from materials picked up from the garbage dump – he was so thrilled, he decided to be a part of the video. They lit the set with the headlights from 4 cars – neighbours contributed their cars, and they had the engines running for over four hours during the shoot.

The inspiration was simply a desire to transfer some knowledge from having to improvise on locations while filming infomercials and documentaries.

The artiste name is Babatunde…aka Bubble Blaze. He’s the very famous baritone voice on Kelly Handsome’s “Maga don Pay” – he was the one that did the “Ugly Beatz” sig tune.
Watch the making of Nigeria’s first “no budget” video, and learn that making an interesting music video is not about spending millions of naira – it’s about creativity and imagination.

Enjoy the video!

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