FAB News: ‘The Lost Number’ Selected For Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles


Nigerian action drama The Lost Number has been officially selected for the Pan African Film Festival scheduled for February 2013 in Los Angeles. The movie directed by Ifeanyi Dike and starring Sam Dede, Lisa Marrs, Sadiq Abu, and Princess Edet is scheduled for theatrical release in Nigeria on January 25, 2013.

The storyline follows Kathleen Jones, an American journalist, who, after running away from a dodgy foray, goes down south to Ngara Town, a slum besieged by police indiscriminate arrests and once threatened by demolition. Seeking redemption, Kathleen saves Ngara Town and becomes her new hero. But when Diwani (point man of the foray) comes to Ngara to retrieve from Kathleen what belongs to them and clean her out, Kathleen must go against the odds from her past to save Ngara from Diwani striking for the very soul of Ngara Town.


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