Rihanna was spotted over the weekend playing dress up for her upcoming video, ‘Pour It Up’. The 25 year old star was seen clad in a Marilyn Monroe – esque costume, complete with the platinum blonde Shirley Temple style curls and vintage black shades. She also released pictures of stripper heels surrounded by her face on fake dollar notes, and wait for it, a barbie doll on a stripper poll. Ergh what’s going on Ri? Anyway we are sure it will be a smash once it is released. But we are getting an idea for the themes of the video already, sexuality and hedonism. who agrees? The songbird is on a roll, with her readiness to go on the European leg of her ‘Diamonds’ Tour this weekend (starting in Spain). Check out the FABulously cool pictures below, and leave a comment on your thoughts.

Rihanna-in-a-Marilyn-Monroe-Wig Rihanna-Pour-It-Up-teaser Rihanna-Pour-It-Up-Teaser-2

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