Yay!!! “Olufunmi ooo, ma pa mi lekun ooo, olufunmilola, mase fimi sile lai lai, durotimi ooo, olufunmi ooo…”…In fact, let me just pause right there or I’ll never stop singing!


Soul crooners, Styl-Plus, popularly known for their hit track ‘Olufunmilola’, have been away from mainstream music for almost two years, but once again they are getting ready to rock their teeming fansns with their new single called ‘Alive’.



According to the Abuja-based trio, “hopefully, before xmas our single would have come out. It’s called Alive.”


“Our fans will have something new to listen to and the theme of the song really blends with the season. I think they will enjoy that.”


“About the release date of the full album, we can’t really say for now, because at present we are just recording songs. And you know an album is a collection of all the songs recorded over a period of time” they said.


Love you guys! wishing you the best.

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