The hearts of many young women who were seduced by the smooth soulful defence melting voice of Frank Ocean were broken this morning. Confirming the rumours that surfaced around the time of the listening of his second album-within which he wrote love songs directed towards both men and women- Frank Ocean, the man behind the phenomenal mixtape “Nostalgia Ultra” has come out as bi-sexual, in a statement in tumblr.

With words achingly beautiful, The “Novacane” singer poured his heart out in this Tumblr entry. We can only hope that people’s personal beliefs or thoughts do not make them blind to the sheer undisputed talent that Frank Ocean is and the refreshment he brings to a stale stagnated music industry. Lyrical beauty, melodic wonders, and a voice that makes one’s heart pucker, these are what make music music. Frank Ocean is an artist, and we should enjoy his art for what it is. It’s malleable and can be anything we want it to mean for us- music is good like that. Though my chances with Frank are halved (assuming that I had any chances at all), I am still thoroughly in love with his music, and I hope many remain so to.


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