Pope-Francis-I-appears-on-006  The first Pope in 1,300 years born outside Europe and also the first to take the name St. Francis of Assisi, decided to humbly return on Thursday 14th of March 2013, to the church-run residence where he stayed before his election; insisting on paying for the hotel bill at the clerics hotel, Domun international Paulus VI, despite now effectively he is in charge of the business.


The 76 year old Pope Francis instructed a driver to take him there as he wanted to get his luggage and his bags he had left behind at the hotel room. He then stopped in the office to greet everyone as he also insisted in paying his hotel bill showing a good example of what pop getNewsImagesPriests and Bishops should do Although the amount of the bill wasn’t disclose, Pope Francis surely demonstrated a good example even if he was told by Father Pawel Rytel- Anderianik, who lives in the central Rome boarding house where Bergoglio stayed, that he [Pope Francis] didn’t need to worry about the bill.

Rytel-Andrianik described Bergoglio humbleness as being a regular guest. Bergoglio is so self-effacing that he never asked for a car even if he could have one ordered freely for his service, but instead preferred taking the metro or rather to walk.

“When we were eating at the table, you wouldn’t realize he was a cardinal unless you already knew. He was just like any priest.” Said Rytel-Andrianik.

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If more world leaders could show discipline and self-respect for followers to learn from them, it definitely would make the world’s system easily and well organized which I perfectly agreed with.

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