Liz Benson (now Ameye) is one of those faces that we could never get tired of seeing in Nigerian movies. A true Nollywood veteran who has been under the radar for a while, Liz Benson has decided to make a come-back and she is doing so in a media worthy way. After several years of being away from our TV screens, she is featuring in a new movie “Living Funeral” creating awareness about breast cancer.

Liz Ameye pictureLiving Funeral, is a movie dedicated to creating awareness about Breast Cancer and to sensitise the public to embrace early detection as the only veritable solution to overcoming the disease, is directed by Udoka Oyeka and produced by Mrs Orode Ryan-Okpu, Founder, Pink Pearl Foundation. The plot of the film tells the inspirational story of Yvette, a young woman coming to terms with the reality of her battle with breast cancer. It portrays the unbelievable journey of hope, valour and despair told through the eyes of the lead character’s sister (played by same actress – Stephanie Wilson) and her hard-hearted mother (Ameye) who struggled to come to terms with her daughter’s illness. To help her family deal with their anguish, Yvette holds a mock funeral while still alive.

living-funeral_posterThe movie has been a success since it first premiere in 2013 with a lot of positive reviews. The success has also garnered the movie impressive recognition and accolade, one of which is its nomination in the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards – AMVCAs 2014.

image (2)With 27 categories in total, Living Funeral has been nominated in eight(8)  categories including; Best Movie 2013 (Orode Ryan-Okpu and Udoka Oyeka); Best Movie-Drama (Orode Ryan-Okpu and Udoka Oyeka); Best Movie Director (Udoka Oyeka); Best Actress in a Drama (Stephanie Wilson); Best Supporting Actress in a Drama (Liz Ameye). Others include: Best Writer-Drama (Akpor Kagho); Best Cinematographer (Idhebor Kagho); and Best Lighting Designer (Godwin Daniel).

Watch the trailer of the movie below:

You can vote for Liz Benson (Ameye) as the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, by texting the code in bracket (4C) to: +2783142100415; Stephanie Wilson as the Best Actress Living Funeral, by texting the code in bracket (3A) to: +2783142100415 or visit the link – to vote in other categories.

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2014 is set to hold on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

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