Nollywood movie Adesuwa is set to premier on the 28th October 2011 at 9pm with a red carpet event. Adesuwa, which means ‘a wasted lust,’ is film produced by Lancelot Oduwa.


Lancelot’s new movie is based on a major hero in Benin kingdom (1752AD). It’s a story of pride and talks about men that lust after women. It’s centered on a king that demeans his throne because of a woman that has already being betrothed on another man. It also focuses on a disobedient girl who leads and then is lead to her death. The movie features top acts such as Olu Jacob, Bob Manuel, Cliff Igbinovia, Ngozi Ezeonu to name a few.


Brilliant producer, Lancelot Oduwa Imaseun has helped influence Nollywood in a positive way, through most of his productions. A rare gem, Lancelot is happily married with two children and is responsible for fantastic films such as Issakaba, Family Battle, Behind Closed Doors and Dark Water, which were also produced by him.


On set, Adesuwa nearly had the cast and crew in tears during filming, due to the emotiveness of the story, which shows just how powerful it’s going to be.


Over 17 million naira was spent making this movie, which was shot on HDV and has been in post-production for the past 16months – a reflection of just how much time and dedication has been put into its production.


The premier will be taking place at the Odeon in Greenwich, London, Bugsy Way SE10 0QJ.


Tickets will cost £10 or £20 for VIP, but for more information please call 07405195022 or 07741638500. Alternatively, please log onto or [email protected]


Adesuwa is definitely going to be a testimony on what Nollywood can do, so don’t miss it!

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