The popular dancehall star, Daddy Fresh, (Innocent Michael Onyemuwa) moved out of his home in Ajegunle, Apapa Lagos to a new apartment in Okota Lagos, to continue with his music career.


During the week at a film location in Apapa, where Daddy Fresh was shooting a music video for the song titled ‘Think About Tomorrow’, the Abia State born told Nigeriafilms:



“I’m very grateful to God for my life, I have lived in Ajegunle for more than 30yrs, schooled here, met some friends here, we formed a band, released our debut album here and it was in this same neighbourhood that I went solo, had my music released, had my kids and other good things.”


“Now that God has re-branded my career I’ve decided to move to another location, so I’m now happy relocating to Okota,but that will not make me forget Ajegunle for life, I’m still part of here.”


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