Finally! The easy solution that Nigerian online shoppers have been waiting for is here. Shoppers can now purchase their favourite brands easily with a prepaid MasterCard from Mumzy Cards. Mumzy Cards is set to change the way Nigerians shop internationally, Nigerians can now shop directly from their favourite retailers in the UK and the US with the Mumzy Gold Card, a prepaid MasterCard.


No more shipping hassles, no more third party inconveniences, and no more payment limitations. Mumzy Cards, a division of Mumzy Ventures Limited officially announces its launch to the e-commerce world and the general Nigerian, UK and American public.





The Mumzy Card is a prepaid MasterCard for online transactions and it gives online shoppers access to discounts from the biggest online retailers in the UK and America like Gap, Amazon, Selfridges, Wal-Mart, Marks & Spencer, Argos and many more. Mumzy card holders can now shop with a UK or US billing address.

The Process

“You will never have to reveal your personal or financial details when you use a Mumzy Card online. The power is now in your hands to shop direct.” – CEO, Mumzy Ventures, Ota Obiekwe.

Ota Obiekwe CEO of Mumzy Ventures

In five easy steps you can get your Mumzy Gold Card this holiday season. Go to , fill out an online application, pay your application fee, pick up your Mumzy Gold Card from a Lagos or Abuja office, register your card on the website to activate it, receive your activation details and your card is ready for loading . With your Mumzy Gold Card you can get online from Nigeria and shop away, goods are delivered to Mumzy Errands; Mumzy Errands consolidates your shopping and delivers them straight to your doorstep ( You will incur separate shipping and handling charges for international delivery). Easy does it!


Holiday Special!- The first 100 people to apply for a Mumzy Card this holiday season will get £10 off the regular application fee of £40. This holiday season, the cards are ONLY £30 for the first 100 people to apply.


What’s Mumzy Card about?

Mumzy Cards is owned and registered to Mumzy Ventures Limited,UKand Mumzy Errands Limited,Nigeria. Mumzy Cards are a suit of shopping club membership cards, also offering a prepaid solution for online transactions only. It offers a fast and simple way to shop for items online with thousands ofUKandUSonline stores. Each membership card is registered to Mumzy Ventures Ltd in theUKor US. With your card, you can get access to several online discounts from reputable online retailers. When you sign up for a Mumzy Gold Card, you also sign up to receive instant discounts and sales notifications. The Mumzy Gold Card is accepted wherever you see the MasterCard sign online.


For more information on Mumzy Cards please visit: . Shoppers can e-mail [email protected] or call UK:  0208 123 1720 NG: 0816 591 6240.


Lets get shopping!! ;-)

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