The Brazilian branch of the clothing retailer C&A has come up with a rather strange way to connect it’s stores to it’s online social media initiatives. LED-equipped hangers display how often an outfit posted to its Facebook page is liked, so shoppers are encouraged to buy what’s most popular.

Basically it works like this: whenever someone ‘Likes’ a piece of clothing on C&A Brazil’s online store, the Facebook thumbs-up is then tallied on a screen embedded in clothes hangers on the shop’s physical racks, reports Mashable.

Shoppers can then consider that input as they browse the store aisles. Do you take the popular shirt with more than 1,000 likes, or go under-the-radar and pick the one with just a couple hundred?

As many have pointed out, however, there is one major potential stumbling block with C&A’s FashionLike: What if someone just walked into the store and switched items between hangers?

But stumbling blocks or not, C&A’s effort is an interesting intertwining of Facebook and the real world — a trend that will likely become more and more common.

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