The competitiveness of a country depends on how highly skilled of its work force
are. In recent times employers and major stakeholders in the industry have
complained about the vast skills gaps and mismatch/disconnect between some
graduates and the needs of the job market.

There is therefore the need to bridge the gap between industry and academia.
Nallem Clothing Limited, an award winning fashion brand operating out of
Ghana and a major player in the African fashion industry has over the years also
had to contend with skills gaps in the skills set of its employees and other

Learning from the challenges the industry is plagued with and a desire to
contribute towards making Ghana a fashion hub, Nallem in consultation with
various stakeholders has decided to take a major step forward.

The set involves set upping research and development unit that will function as
a training division. The training unit of Nallem has been set up and is called the
Institute of African Arts and Technology, or IAAT for short. IAAT is a consolidation
of more than 20 years of Nallem being an active player in fashion and fashion
related industries across the globe. IAAT is therefore borne out of a strong need
to tap into the Nallem experience to share knowledge by way of creating an
enabled environment for industry to impact knowledge to fellow practitioners
and new entrants into the fashion industry.

IAAT aims to provide industry-specific training to enhance skills of existing players
and new entrants with a resolve to help close gaps through training
programmes carefully crafted to make participants better skilled and further
nurtured become entrepreneurs and more employable. Through well designed
talent unearthing and development programmes, creativity enabling syllabi will
be unleashed to make our students focused on innovation and market oriented.

IAAT aims to leverage on Nallem to aid students to horn their entrepreneurial
skills information communication technology with a slant on social media.
Our curriculum is structured around principles of design, unbounded creativity
and state-of-the-art technology. IAAT will train people who have passion for
fashion and other trade arts such as jewelry, wood, leather, performing arts, ICT,
and business and entrepreneurship. At IAAT we use innovation in technology
and practically-proven method of teaching to make our students worthy
competitors in both local and international market environment.

The Institute has well-equipped and world class lecture theatres, library, cutting
room and garment construction studios, fashion lab etc. We also have seminar
and workshop rooms for conferences.

Besides our main programmes the school has position itself to be a centre for
consultancy and advocacy services.

October 2017 admissions are open for the following professional short courses:

 Fashion Design/Fashion Business/Fashion Technology
Women’s Fashion: Womenswear, pattern technology & garment

Fashion Design: Creative design, portfolio management & drawing and

Fashion Business: Fashion business, fashion marketing and branding, & ICT (CAD),
online marketing, social media.

Performing Arts: Modelling and cat walking, drama and dance, poise and gait

 Shop/ Show room management
Application forms are available for free at the IAAT Registry at La – Palmwine
Junction, Nallem retail outlets located in the following Malls:

 West Hills Mall,
 Junction Mall,
 Achimota Mall,
 Oxford Street Mall,
 Accra Mall, Nallem Corporate Head office at Kokomlemle – Accra (Near

and can also be downloaded from the school’s website at

Deadline for Sale of Admission Forms: 13th October Shop/Showroom
management and 30th October, 2017 fashion programmes.
Lectures begin 16th October, 2017 for our Shop/showroom management course
and 6th November 2017 for all Fashion modules.

Follow IAAT on social media:
Contact us on 050 158 6292


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