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Miley Cyrus may be described as the most controversial nut case the Disney Network ever produced but believe it or not, she has never been arrested for breaching the law or trending the social media for a viral mugshot.

Last night, the pop sensation was hosted for an interview session on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. During the interview, Miley offered some words of wisdom to old pal, Justin whois dealing with a lot of issues with the law.

Miley offers words of wisdom to Justin.JPG2

Miley Cyrus

”I would just say…you know you’ve got a lot of money, pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble and party at your own house. Buy a house and add a club to it”.

Miley offers words of wisdom to Justin

Miley Cyrus in a chat with Jay Leno

According to TMZ ‘s reports, Justin Bieber is currently in search of another property outside the Calabasas region and this time he insisted on not having  neighbours. Considering the 19 year old’s  bad experiences with his current neighbour for throwing parties and reckless driving, he’s not demanding for too much.

Does this mean Justin is seeking for solitude or acting on Miley’s advise?

Watch Miley’s advise to Justin below;

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