Brymo seems to be seeking pity rather than justice as he goes on twitter rants these days about the status of his enstranged relationship with Chocolate City his (former) record label. Brymo who claimed there was no court injunction against him released his album ‘Merchant, Dealers & Slaves’  on itunes only yesterday in obvious disregard of the said injunction.

Brymo went on a twitter rant that you will find below and a fan who tweeted at M.I finally got a response from M.I who is not only a signed artist at Chocolate City but also a Vice President.


See Brymo’s tweets below:

M,D&S on the streets today, pls ensure to grab a copy.. Your patronage is greatly appreciated!!

Audu Maikori has been calling and threatening everyone who wants to work with me, the injustice will not cease..

You are the lawyer, the judge and the enforcer…

Father would tell me stories about the injustice that’s eating this land, I guess it’s my turn for first hand experience..

A fan then tweets at M.I saying:

They really dont want Brymo to flourish. What is @MI_Abaga doing. I thought u always screaming peace online cant u settle them?

To which M.I replies:

@BabaOloriokoBB if u believe that.. Then u r misled. Contracts must be honored. Fin.

I really do hope both parties can arrive at a peaceful resolution so they can go back to making good music again.

See court injunction below:

injunctionInjunction1injunction 2

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