Two days after ending her three-day visit to Nigeria, Pakistani girls’ education campaigner, Malala Yousafzai, has launched a petition seeking international intervention for the release of the abducted Chibok girls.

The 17-year-old activist, who survived assassination attempts by the Taliban extremist group, stated that she wanted the global community to stand with the Nigerian girls and shame those working to deny schoolgirls an education.

Malala, in the petition she hosted on change.org, a go-to website for hosting online protests, reminded world leaders that the abducted girls must get the assurances that “they are not alone.” As of this morning, Malala has collected over 100,000 signatures from concerned individuals and groups from different parts of the world, many of who demanded greater action for the prompt rescue of the girls.


In the petition titled, “Stand with me and the Nigerian girls,” the girls’ campaigner said the world must not be silent “while our sisters in Nigeria and around the world are targeted in this war on education.” According to her, young girls from different parts of the world have a right to an education adding that the safe return of “our innocent sisters in Nigeria” must be at the front burner.

First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, hailed Malala for standing with the Chibok girls and other schoolgirls being denied the opportunity to further their education. Writing on her official Twitter page, Michelle stated, “Thank you Malala for inspiring girls around the world to be stronger than adversity and pursue their education.”

Also, Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates, in a message on Twitter, stated that she has drawn inspiration from Malala’s solidarity with the young girls facing hardship with accessing educational opportunities. “I’m inspired by Malala and girls around the world who are proof that courage is stronger than fear,” she tweeted.

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