Just yesterday we reported Lindsay Lohan’s shocking revelation in the season finale video of the OWN TV reality show. Lohan had disclosed that she suffered a miscarriage.

Sadly two of her former flings who did not only deny their involvement in her pregnancy, but believe she is making the whole miscarriage story up. According to Daily Mail UK, sources close to her rumoured toyboy Morgan O’Connor who was spotted partying with Lindsay during the filming of her series said he is definitely not the father of the baby.


Morgan O’Connor

“Morgan said Lindsay was crazy and he was afraid she would do something really stupid to get him in trouble,” the source told RadarOnline.


Matt Nordgren

Matt Nordgren, a former footballer and Lindsay’s ex lover was reportedly shocked by the news that Lindsay was once pregnant. A source close to Matt said: “Lindsay never mentioned it to him,” the source said.

In actual fact, several sources close to the Mean Girls actress think that she faked her miscarriage as an excuse for her erratic behaviour. “She absolutely made it up,” a source told RadarOnline. “Lindsay knew she was being perceived as a total slacker.” the source said.


Lindsay Lohan

Poor Lindsay, now everyone believes she is making up the whole story and no one wants to be allied with her. Once again she is her own worst enemy.

Lindsay reveals she suffered a miscarriage:

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