FAB News: Kenyans Tell CNN

Following the misleading report on a terrorist attack in Kenya via the banner on the report which read ‘Violence erupts in Kenya’, the incensed Kenyan community took to social media  to criticise Western media’s negative and often sensationalised reportage of incidents around Africa and demand an apology from the network. On Twitter, the offensive gained momentum withhash tags #SomeoneTellCNN and #CNNApologise fast trending.
Following Kenyans’ insistence on an apology, CNN correspondent in Nairobi, Mr David McKenzie issued a Twitter apology with the following tweet:

“Our reporting last night was accurate, the banner used in the bulletin was not. Apologies to all.”

“We’re having the offending video pulled. Again apologies for the mistake. It was changed on air, but not online” said his later tweet.

However, not satisfied with the apologetic tweet, Kenyans are now pushing for an apology on TV, and Nairobi based viewer phoned the news network and recorded his conversation with the CNN staff taking the call, during which he reiterated that the protest was trending on Twitter and Kenyans were frustrated with Western media’s coverage of events in Africa.


An official apology is yet to come following this complaint and the social media outcry; while we wait to see how CNN will deal with the situation, the Twitter offensive continues.

“#SomeoneTellCNN that it wouldn’t kill them if they reported more positive stories about Kenya & Africa in general. tweeted a Nairobi based writer while “#SomeoneTellCNNhakuna mbrrr cha! (everything is alright!),” noted a blogger.

Following Kenya’s Pamela Jelimo and Hellen Obiri winning the women’s titles at the world indoor games in Turkey, there was more patriotic tweeting with one blogger stating, “#SomeoneTellCNNhakuna mbrrr cha! (everything is alright!).”

Kenyan community on microblogging sites also called on the government spokesman, Dr Alfred Mutua to demand an apology from CNN over the broadcast blunder for tarnishing Kenya’s image and jeopardising – as has been the case in the past – Kenya’s tourism and business sectors.


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