After over 10years of doing stand-up comedy with successful comedy tours of Nigeria, Western Europe, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC, USA British-Born Nigerian Comedian WALE GATES would be Headlining and Hosting his 1st  ever one-man comedy show in London, at the Broadway Theatre Catford, London, on Sunday 06th May 2012 by 6:00pm.




The event is brought to you by MUSICOM Ent in conjunction with DJAMEDIA.  A great line-up of comedians scheduled to also perform are Ali Baba, Basorge, Tariah Jr ,Teju Babyface, Kofee, Owen Gee and Jedi. There would also be musical performances from DJ Abass, DJ Whateva & DJ Archyra.

Tickets cost £20 and they can be purchased by logging on to

For more info, call 07983548076, 07946811253,07908327046 .


Wale Gatesbr


Ali Baba


Basorge Tariah


Teju Babyface




Owen Gee



DJ Abass


DJ Whateva

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