According to unverified reports, Kennis Music star popularly known as Jaywon wrote a letter to the CEO of Kennis Music, requesting to terminate his contract with the music label. Jaywon had offered to pay off all costs the closure of his contract may incur.

Based on these grounds, Kennis Music released a press statement urging the “Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria IBAN, and broadcasters on all platforms to un-list the works (Either single performances or and collaborations) of Iledare Oluwajuwonlo James aka Jaywon from their respective rotational play lists until his (Jaywon) request to buy over his contract is fully completed to avoid litigation.”



A conflicting report from Jaywon leaves everyone puzzled as to his current status with the Kennis Music label. Hip hop world stated that Jaywon was contacted this morning and the singer simply said that he is still an artist under Kennis Music.

We are yet to receive any information from Jaywon to confirm or debunk these claims.

‘Madantin’ Jaywon


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