Ghanaian star actress, Jackie Appiah made a donation of food items, drinks and toiletries to the inmates of the Chosen Rehab Centre in Accra, as part of a way of celebrating her belated birthday and Christmas festivity.


Appiah, who celebrates her birthday with a group of needy people each year, was unable to do so this year because she was filming in the Gambia.


She decided to make a donation to the Chosen Rehab Centre, at the Achimota-Abofo road on Christmas Eve to bring joy to the inmates this festive season, whereas last year she spent her birthday with the children of the Dzorwulu Special School.



She explained her reasons for choosing the rehab centre, as a place to give donations: “Christmas is a time for giving and sharing and most importantly for me, it is a time for second chances. Because I believe Jesus was born at this period so he can bring hope to the world and save us from our sins and iniquities. I believe this is what Chosen Rehab Centre does for the society; giving hope and rehabilitating drug addicts, alcoholics and the homeless.”


She added that no one deserved to live under any of the above situations, and she called on Ghanaians to give a helping hand to those who unfortunately find themselves living under those circumstances. In a touching moment for the actress, Jackie saw a former member of her church and a young man who acted in a movie with her a while back, both receiving help at the centre.


Chosen Rehab Center is a non-profit NGO that provides free boarding facilities to rehabilitate drug addicts, alcoholics, street kids and the homeless. During rehabilitation, inmates are not allowed to leave the facility, and all their needs are taken care of by the organization.


The centre also embarks on outreaches to slums, hospitals and prisons to cater to affected individuals by donating food, water, medicines, bibles, clothes and ministering the word of God as well. The ones that are willing to give up their addictions are ushered into the rehab.


God bless you girl!









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