After a rift of nearly a decade, top Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has reconciled with her father, Jon Voight. Speaking to Daily Mail, Voight 72 said the reconciliation came after a “sudden emotional realization.”

“I suddenly saw things differently and everything shifted,” said the ace actor, Voight. “That one moment changed my whole life.”

The feud began in 2002 when Jolie blasted her father for having an affair “behind her mother’s back.” and Voight responded by accusing his daughter of having “mental problems.”
However,Grandpa Voight couldn’t be happier to be reunited with his daughter and grandchildren. He told the Daily Mail he had grown fond of all of Jolie’s children.

“I adore my grandchildren, they are my great love… “It makes me so emotional and grateful. I’m always laughing and completely happy when I’m with them. It makes Angie so happy too. Being reunited with my Angie is very precious to me.” Voight said.

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