Governor Jonah Jang of plateau State on Tuesday advocated for the extension of National Youth Service Corps [NYSC] service from a one year program to a two year program so as to follow for Military Training.

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With Jang suggesting that one year of service isn’t enough, therefore he considered there’s a need to re-evaluate it so as to improve proper Military training. The National youth Service Corps known as ‘NYSC’ is an organization which was created since the year, 1973, were Nigerian graduates from Universities, Polytechnics whether in Country or abroad; serve the country [Nigeria] for a year as the youths go through a military and fun activities for 3 weeks orientation featuring; socializing with other youths across the Nation from different tribes, cultures and schools. At the end of the camp, Youth Corpers are then sent to various Primary Place of Assignments [PPA] to begin the process and journey to serve the country.


Visiting the Minister of youths Developments by Mr. Inuwa Abdullahi, Jang said “…the youths Corps members are supposed to receive Military training for a year so that when they are through, they can be useful to the society.”

Most youths have experience stories of “it was fun” while majority get homesick as they count down towards the final passing out parade [POP] on their calendars, NYSC 1encouraging themselves thanks to the long-suffering and tiring activities that occur during the one year of service. Such superfluous routines which stress the youths corpers like, the community service development meetings and attendances [CDS], Primary place of assignment inspection from NYSC Officials, Local Government Head counts, clearance and some other unnecessary strictly and compulsory boring meetings ; which most corpers see as Uncool, Uncalled-for and most times pointless. Jang, criticize the situation whereby after the services youths had nothing, adding that it called for proper guardian counseling.

Extending the youth service corps program is totally not the youths of the nation need, the rate of which unemployment is rising in the nation should be settled and looked into by the government, not extending long-laboring months of services to the youths of Nigeria.

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