This week, retired Nigerian footballer and coach, Sunday Ogorchukwu Oliseh will feature on CNN’s ‘Human to Hero’, a segment which explores the discipline, dedication and determination of footballers, as well as the sources of inspiration for the world’s best athletes.

‘Human to Hero’ asks what it takes to be a sporting star, as Oliseh recalls his childhood dreams and achievements as a professional footballer.

olisehinstuodio-586x266Oliseh says: ‘When I was a kid, football was the only form of fun we could have because financially, we were not blessed enough to have other means of entertainment. I never thought I would be opportune to wear the national colors of such a huge nation as Nigeria”.

Growing up, Oliseh wanted to go to school and become an economist but he ended up representing his home country as a midfielder at Nigeria first appearance and biggest mundial competition, 1994 FIFA World Cup in the United States America, he also represented Nigeria in the 1998 World Cup in France, where he scored the winning goal in Nigeria’s match against Spain in 1998 in France.

855135_full-lnd“My favorite World Cup memory is the goal I scored when we beat Spain in 1998 in France, our President had just died and this victory united our nation that was going through a dark period at the time. When playing for Nigeria and going to the World Cup, it’s like carrying along 170 million people. Nigerians are football lovers and I am happy I had the opportunity to play for my country,” concludes Oliseh .

‘Human to Hero’ will air on 23 April at 1700 and 2230 on CNN International, within World Sport.

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