25-year-old Gossy Ukanwoke is a young entrepreneur and founder of Beni American University (BAU). In late 2012, the young Nigerian at age 23, launched the first West African private online university. BAU allows students to access their classes at any time of the day with any internet-enabled device.

Executive courses from the BAU curriculum helps graduates boost their resumes to get better jobs while managers from different firms can take up courses from the executive programs to forge ahead in their various businesses respectively.

“We are providing executive programs for graduates who are looking for employment and want to build up their resumes, or managers who want to climb up the hierarchy of their companies,”  Ukanwoke tells CNN.


The university also provides courses for aspiring entrepreneurs like Gossy who want to start up their own businesses.


After a year and half into his new business attempt, he has succeeded in hiring 10 instructors and has about 200 students, with an average age of 26.


“I grew up within the framework where education was put at a very high level of importance, and entrepreneurship is something that I always wanted to do…Without education I don’t think we can do any progress,” he says.

“It’s not just about getting a certificate, education is about teaching people how to make a living and teaching people how to live; how to interact with others, how to lead their lives and make something out of themselves.” Ukanwoke adds.

“We still have a long way to go, we have a lot of work to do, a lot of policy wrangling too,” he admits. “But it’s a work in progress and we are quite happy with where we are.” He concluded.


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