Ok, so anyone that knows me knows that my Blackberry is my third arm. So when I spotted a new concept design for blackberry the nerd in me was unleashed and thought it only right to share with the rest of my blackberry lovers!

I present, for your desperate, rumor-mongering, drooling viewing pleasure, the drop-dead gorgeous BlackBerry 10 TK2 Victory Concept, whipped up by Guy Bridges, Digital Homeboy.

The Victory’s design is a sweet, sexy serving of slim, with no hard buttons except for volume keys on the right, a recessed, centered Power/Mute key located at the top backside of the device, and, of course, the fabulous Cadillac of Keyboards from the Bold series. A soft, textured rubber backing offers comfort and security in your hand. Micro USB and 3.5mm stereo ports are located on the bottom edge of the Victory, leaving the profile sleek and clean.
I know this is only a concept but given the chance, I would absolutely rock this device, possibly without even putting a case on it. Wayyy to fine to be covered up.
Rather than re-post the entire blurb here, I recommend you check out the full article at DigitalHomeboy.

A clean and minimalistic design, uncluttered in the hand.

Please remember this is only a concept design but I hope and pray they RIM develop this sexy pieces of device.


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