Nigerian Lifestyle magazine Genevieve the Nigerian lifestyle magazine has dazzled us all with its 2012 father’s day issue which features renowned Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot alongside his beautiful wife Vicky and adorable children Desmond, Denzel, Donald and Dona.

Although the actor rarely makes public appearances with his family, this time he’s more than happy, speaking exclusively to the magazine on how he wants his children to be aware that their dad is a legend in his own right

It’s very rare that you see an actor who just meets all the criteria of what it means to be a good man, husband and father, but we find that Desmond meets all these criteria whilst still remaining humble, in this issue of Genevieve he also tells us about how he balances all these aspects of his life, especially being a father, whilst still being able to wow and entertain us on our tv screens. Be sure to get your copy from your local vendor.


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