abdi guyo dillish

You may remember that Dillish took to twitter denying that a certain gentleman who claimed to be her father was not. She definitely thought this was an opportunist trying to take advantage of her big win at Big Brother Africa, The Chase. Dillish tweeted, ‘Why is this weird dude claiming to be my dad! My dad is Somali! Where did he fall from haaaaa.’

After 22 years of being enstranged from her father, on Wednesday, 4th of September, Selma confirmed Guyo to be Dillish’s father through a google hang out organised by Standard group and even invited him for his daughter’s birthday next week.

In a recent interview with Standard Group Media, Kenya, Selma Pashukeni (Dillish’s mother) acknowledged an ex-soldier, Abdi Galgayo Guyo as her 22-year-old daughter’s father who left Namibia afer his peace-keeping mission in 1990. The father of five spoke to Standard group on monday, September 2, 2013 where he revealed himself to be Dillish’s father.

We wish them a happy reunion.

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