Babatunde Omidina a.k.a funny man Baba Suwe has been arrested a couple of hours ago at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos for cocaine trafficking.

The Nollywood Controversial comical actor, Baba Suwe was sensed by the X-Ray machine to have carried a few bits said to be cocaine in his stomach.

Investigation exposes that he was to board Air France with a pal to his endpoint before the long arm of law caught up with him.

At the moment, the whole story is still unclear as no one from the airport authority is willing to speak about.

Going by inside sources’ findings, the man who sadly lost his wife, Moladun Kenke Lewu to the stony hands of death over a year ago, is being detained by the agents of NDLEA.

If you can remember, a few years back, Yoruba actress Taiwo Akinwale popularly known to as Wunmi was first to steal for shockingly carrying cocaine in Nollywood, followed by another male actor and now Baba Suwe.

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  1. Abidemi

    that is like so bad for an actor children look up to as role model.i just hope all these artistes learn from this and try to live a good and right life not just on the television scene but also in reality.

  2. Chai

    I hear this is not the first time he has been caught and it is actually his third time getting caught…what happened the other two times he was caught…he was obviously never incarcerated and possibly bribed his way through…Corruption is really messing things up in this country as if he had been booked the other two times, he wouldn’t dare do it a third time and he shouldn’t even be able to access visas to any country anymore! Shame!


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