It’s strange how people that we have never heard of become the focus of discussion on our lips and trending topics on social media within minutes. We become so immersed in their stories that we even forget the current situation of people around us. Such a story is that of Amanda Knox, a 24 year old American student who together with her Italian boyfriend were convicted of murdering her room-mate Meredith Kercher; an exchange student from Leeds University in Perugia, Italy in 2007.

Amanda had spent four years out of a 26 year jail term for a crime she has always denied committing. She and her boyfriend were found guilty of killing Kercher with a kitchen knife for refusing to participate in a drug fuelled sex orgy in 2007. The ruling was overturned on Monday after a forensic review discredited DNA evidence that was used to convict them. She was however, found guilty for defamation for falsely accusing someone else for the murder, and sentenced to 3 years, which she has already served.

Before the ruling, Amanda pleaded to the judges in fluent Italian; a language she learnt in prison, saying she did not do any of the things she was being punished for.  If learning Italian takes going to jail for murder, I’ll rather stick to my half baked English :(

Americans and every other person that felt Knox was innocent can now breathe a sigh of relief that justice has finally been served and that there’s hope we may not be punished for a crime we didn’t commit.

What a story.

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  1. efizeey

    An evidence that justice still exists. “If learning Italian takes going to jail for murder, I’ll rather stick to my half baked English” – lol


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