Fans of Alesha Dixon may have felt somewhat embarrassed on Sunday night as the Strictly Come Dancing judge appeared alongside fellow judges on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show.

Alesha, who is known for her steady composure, professional criticisms and ladylike behaviour let herself go last night as she became increasingly intoxicated during her air time on the show. Working her way through a bottle of wine, the former Misteeq singer’s behaviour turned rowdy as she cackled her way through suggestive answers to questions and boldly stated: “Everybody is really frisky on the show though, you’ve got to be honest. Everybody is horny – the year I was a contestant everyone was really gagging for it.” At the ludicrous outburst, fellow judge Bruno swiped the glass from her hands as he said, “no more drink for you!’ Alesha then shouted “give me the bottle!” before guzzling from the bottle for a good few seconds.

She continued, “As I was saying, eight to ten hours a day, rubbing up next to each other, of course you’re going to get a bit frisky!’ Alan, obviously thinking of his viewing figures and the golden viewing they were producing then asked the judges whether they thought that good dancers are better in bed – to which Alesha, a former Strictly Come Dancing winner, enthusiastically replied: “Well I should think so Alan!”

Later on, Alan mentioned the X Factor, to which Alesha said: “I don’t understand why we can’t just enjoy both shows, I actually don’t think the public give a sh**. It’s the producers and the media. The public will just sky plus one and watch it later, they don’t care. The problem is Al, they focus too much on the drama, and everything else other the singing.”

She then added: “It’s swings and roundabouts, next year they’ll be beating us, the year after we’ll beat them, who cares! Jog on Christmas.”

Later on, Alesha took her Twitter page to write to her fans: “Apologies for being pickled on Alan Carr! I did have fun though!…I am officially a light weight and clearly a cheap date!!! 🙂 xxx”


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