Hmmmmm? One will wake up from bed very much alive and leave for work on the pretext of coming back to see his/her family after working hard all because of MONEY.One of the darkest Wednesday’s again in the history of Ghana.

This day was when a six -storey ultra modern building which houses Melcom Shopping Center located at Achimota a suburb of Accra just came down to particles. I just couldn’t stop asking myself so many question about how this disaster could just happen when I watched on TV. Most at times, disasters of this magnitude are rather caused by natural occurence like earthquakes, hurricane and etc, aeroplanes running through buildings and fire. But, not an idle building standing erect just falling apart.

It’s our prayer at FAB Magazine that all souls lost in this circumstances will forever rest in peace. We also pray that the injuried and trap victims will also be saved.

Photo credits :Emmanuel Bobbie Photography


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