Alicia-Keys-Fire-We-MakeAlicia Keys is back with another single from her recent album, ‘Girl On Fire’. The single, ‘Fire We Make’ featuring RnB hearthrob Maxwell, had it’s official video dropped today. It is a video that celebrates the essence of love and time with the use of a vintage love story and highly sensual themes. The video also employs a different kind of Alicia, like this album does, perhaps because of her marriage and transition to motherhood. Comparing to her previous videos for her ‘As I AM’ and ‘The Element Of Freedom’ albums, which have more funky and up to date themes to them. It is a good and refreshing move, which sets her apart as always from all other RnB singers. Here are some of the screen shots of the video, which was directed by Chris Robinson.

alicia keys video

alicia keys video 1

alicia jeys video3

alicia keys video 4

alicia keys video 6

alicia keys video 5

Watch the delightful video of retro fashion goodness below


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