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Banky W has just kept the ‘Yes/No’ video we have been anticipating since seeing behind the scenes snaps on Instagram for the last Sunday of the year and it has been worth the wait. With great visuals from Clarence Peters – as always – and co-director Banky and a simple storyline, it proves a fab video.

Here are the reasons we love Banky’s ‘Yes/No’:

1. Will you be my Valentine? – A touch of old school meets first love in the opening of the video and really who doesn’t remember the first Valentines note they gave a girl or that first meeting of eyes across a crowded playground? We totally lurve…

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2. 14 years later – Us girls love a repeat love story. Why do you think movies like Love and Basketball and The Notebook are huge hits with the ladies? Coupled with the fact that, every girl dreams of being a guy’s first, last and only, the love story which goes strong 14 years later is a winner all by itself.

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3. Ball play – Everyone digs a chick who can handle her balls and use a stick and hey we equally dig a man who can show his girls some moves on the snooker table.

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4. A touch of drama – A touch of drama, a bit of jealousy make a love story look sweeter on the screen – and for some, in real life too. And which girl can’t identify with the vexing boo who’s just got wind of her man misbehaving?

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5. Banky and his merry band of brothers – For us these cool dudes and Banky who showcase their dancing prowess make this video even more fun.

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6. Say it with a ring – Let’s face it… The boy has messed up but he loves you and he was your first love, so the only thing that will stop you from packing your bags and leaving his sorry backside is a heartfelt apology and what says it better than a ring and that note from 14 years ago? Yes, we are officially a molten puddle of girly giddiness…

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Such a sweet story and we bet there will be some men out there who will be inspired to buy a ring and craft a handwritten ‘Will you be my wife?’ note in time for Valentines.

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