The Muzik Junkies, the dynamic duo made up of G.Q and Grande are super ready to hit the market real big with their much anticipated, new summer hit single, “Oye” to be released on the 4th of June, 2013. And why not? The artistes have had big appearances through major, well known remixes and original productions as well as performances in the top Latin clubs. They also have opened up in concerts for artistes such as Daddy Yankee, Wiz Khalifa, Angel & Khriz, Gocho, Alexis & Fido, Nicky Jam and so many other artistes of like caliber.

Listen to “Oye

The Muzik Junkies whose remixes are constantly been played in Clubs and radio stations across the world also have more exciting news about them – they are the new face of El Cartel Tequila (Daddy Yankee‘s official Tequila).

You might also want to watch them perform the song live


Watch the promotional video for The Music Junkies

Get ready for this title, “Oye” that features Angel Lopez and upcoming act, Desiree Estrada.

Also see the second promotional video

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