When Team FAB were BB'd by fierce female rapper Kel herself, we knew she had something 
special to say (well, doesn't she always?)

And, in our bid to bring you fresh content daily, keeping you up-to-date on fab 
events - African fashion, lifestyle, music and more - we thought we'd share 
her words with you...

”Hey uuuuu. Wats goooooddd????

So it’s like this yea, I got a nu single out n I’m gon put out 2 more over d nxt 2 weeks.

These r d official KEL singles.  Here’s d 1st one –

DL Kel’s Shayo & Move

Samklef on the beat, Shaydee on the hook.

Yizzur! Ur girl is back B)”


Excited? Us, too!

Just wait till you hear it…



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