It has been Finesse Entertainment’s month as its signees have delivered three wave-making singles for every week in October, and for the fourth week running, the label drops what might be its biggest ever, ‘Head Wan Blow’ the trail-blazing hip-hop and R&B single from Anthony Onyewadume popularly known as T-Rex. T-Rex who is well known in hip-hop underground circles as one of Nigeria’s most talented multi-syllable lyricists takes a shot at the Afro-pop sound with a big bang.

“‘Head wan Blow’ is an experiment,” the lyricist explains, “There are many things a lady can do to you, and one of them is blow your mind or head in this case! This song is paying respect to that, he adds. The song packs a few punches with the ladies using lines like ‘Omoge which level? You too hot u wan replace devil? You wan use black smoke kill kettle… nne be careful’

T-Rex who got his stage name from a blend of Tony and the dinosaur predator Tyrannosaurus Rex has been part of Nigeria’s underground hip-hop culture. Born to a police officer father and a mother in academics, the young Tony had a military styled upbringing, living in the police barracks during Nigeria’s military regime. He has a B. Sc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Lagos.
Twitter: @trexwordsmith @Finessent

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