beyonce grown womanBeyonce has officially released new track ‘Grown Woman’, which has been creating a buzz following its rendition on her ‘Mrs Carter’ tour and as a backup track for her  current Pepsi tv ad. The song is reportedly causing a stir just like the lyrics to her previous and controversial single, ‘Bow Down B*tches’. It contains slyly over the top sexual innuendos such as  ‘You really wanna know how I got it like that, cause I gotta cute face and my booty so fat’ and ‘I’m a grown woman, look down, got you so excited!’ Hmm Beyonce, really? The song was co-written with The Dream and it was produced by the amazing Timbaland, who makes it easy for you to forget the suggestive nature of the song and get to bogeying to it. The song also connotes some elements of feminine independence, just like the smash hit ‘Girls (Who Run The World?). Enjoy and listen to it below




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