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FAB New Music: “Glory” Jay Z featuring Blue Ivy Carter

If you have not yet heard hip hop’s golden couple Jay Z and Beyonce welcomed their babygirl into the word on Saturday morning, where have you been? Not only has newborn Blue Ivy become a trending topic hours after her birth and created a furore as fans debated whether her name was Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue, she is also the youngest to date to feature on a Jay Z track – yes, you heard read right.

Proud father Jay Z released his tribute to daughter “Glory” featuring rap’s youngest Blue Ivy Carter.

The heartfelt lyrics of the song which features Blue Ivy’s crying, also shed a light not only on the feelings of the new father but also on a previous miscarriage the couple had to suffer.

Here are some of the lyrics:


“Baby I’d paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you.”


“Bad-ass little Hov, two years old, shopping at Saville Row,

Wicked-ass little B, hard not to spoil you rotten like Naomi.

The most beautifullest thing in this world, daddy’s little girl.”


“You’re my child with the child from Destiny’s Child, that’s one hell of a recipe.

Glory, glory, glory.”


“The last time the miscarriage was tragic

We was afraid you’d disappear, but no baby, you’re magic.”


Glory Feat. B.I.C. by RocNation


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