Oliva Tweest Flyer II


We went gaga over the song when it first came out, we love the much anticipated video which got major playtime on music TV channels and for almost a whole year UK had the “Oliver Twist” fever which saw D’banj’s major hit become a mainstream chart topper. And now brace yourself for OLIVA TWEEST – an exciting new Afrobeats musical, taking place on April 15th, in the Lyric Theatre (home of Thriller: The Musical). It is the first play of its kind to feature in the West End and will feature a lot of familiar faces in the Afrobeats scene.

The story, which is based on D’Banj’s 2012 HIT single “Oliver Twist”, is set in present day London and is about a promiscuous young man (Tobi) whose past comes back to haunt him when he meets a girl (Testimony) that will change his life forever. Combined with excellent comedic performances, notably from Dorcas Fapson as Tobi’s mother (Aunty Funke) and her lover, Pastor (Bayodele), great imagery, captivating choreography and resounding vocals are all on show throughout this production, driven by a fresh and exciting cast of some of the best new and emerging theatre professionals of 2013.

While we can also expect to witness some cameo performances from Eddie Kadi, A Dot Comedian and several special guest artists, the ‘Oliva Tweest’ live band and vocal group – coached by Conrad Benjamin of Clarity Vocals – will be recreating and performing beautiful cover renditions of some of our favourite Afrobeats songs originally by the likes of Wizkid, D’Banj among others.

OLIVA TWEEST is sure to be go straight into the history books as not only the first Afrobeats musical to take place in a West End theatre but also as one of the best independent theatre productions of 2013 and with the anticipation of such a great show now at fever pitch, the creative team behind Oliva Tweest – The Marimba Project – are already aiming to have a consistent production taking place over a longer period of time.

The Marimba Project team have been working non-stop since August 2012 – following many auditions and late-night rehearsals – and are now proud to present to you, OLIVA TWEEST!

For tickets, visit http://bit.ly/olivatweestmusical OR call 0844 482 9674 (24HRS)


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