We came across this on twitter a few minutes ago and just have to share it with our readers.

Funny thing was a few days ago, we were talking in the office about depicting these guys as super heroes and the talented Lajid Weyem has come up with these detailed super hero alter egos of the Mavin crew. After asking him for permission to share this with our FAB readers…

…all we can say is happy reading:

Words and “Mavinger” image Culled from http://lajidwayem.wordpress.com

MAVINGER [may.vin.ja]


Don “Jazzy” Fury: Chief strategist of the Mavingers. He is a master act executing killer beats that always hit the heart of his desired target audience. He is usually in the background but has been known to get on the “field” and lend his voice on beats. Due to a huge disagreement with a former colleague he had a big change of perspective, hence he needs to wear an eye patch. The eye patch has only made him more focused to his current. Ever enigmatic one can only wonder what he has in store in the near future.

The Incredible Wande Coal: Known to have come from the depths of Mushin, Wande was exposed to fame radiation. This gave him the power to create musical smash hits that have garnered international recognition. This “radiation” has on a significant occasion left him exposed with his pants down. Despite this fact he is loved by his public and his sophomore rampage is eagerly awaited.

Tiwa “Black Widow” Savage : Tiwa is currently killing all the competition in the female crooner category. Armed with a wealth of experience, her vocal marksmanship has put her at the top of the Nigerian music food chain. Her first major Naija single (Kele Kele love) is rumored to be based on true events of her life. As far as it is known it is not clear she has dated anyone since then. Hence she can be referred to as a Black “widow” in more ways than one.

Doctor America: of all the members of the Mavingers, Doc America has been in the Nigerian music business the longest. His career seemed to have been frozen till he came across Don Fury. Trained as a professional medical practitioner the title “Doctor”  is no joke. His degree can serve as a “shield” to protect him from poverty should he decide to leave music.

Thor “D’Prince” Oba-son: Thor Oba-son is not from our planet but comes from a “Jonzing World”. Entering the music business he was looked on upon as not having much talent. But over the years he has significantly improved. It would not be far fetched to say that he has “hammered”

So its with great pleasure I have introduced to you the MAVINGERS. I must confess though that I cannot take full credit for the artwork and the post. During the week I saw a tweet which mentioned the name Mavingers. Initially I had planned to do the art work with the Mavins dressed as the X-men but when I saw the tweet, it only made sense to run with this direction.

So I know the SOLAR PLEXUS album was welcomed with mixed reactions but I think it was the best move for Don Jazzy and his crew to do.

One thing we fail to remember is that an artiste is as big as the amount of time people spend talking about them.

Iceprince is actually doing very well thanks to all the #IcePrineBars and #FutureIcePrinceBArs. Each time he trended people were just adding strength to his brand.

Same thing with the Mavin album, hate it or love it people are talking about it and when they plug it on enough radio stations people will rock it in clubs.

So that being said,

who is your favourite MAVINGER?


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