With over 220,000 subscribers and 48 million vid views, Nigerian-American sisters VanJess = Ivana (20) and Jessica (18) have voices like songbirds and style like stone-cold foxes. The sisters are known for their fun-loving covers of songs by artists like Drake and Rihanna and most recently covered The Wanted Glad You Came serving up their own unique version.

And there’s no sibling rivalry here, either. The two amigas share clothes freely and jam out to everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Stevie Wonder (they even people-watch together for inspiration!). Not only do they sing, they also play the piano and guitar! And if that’s not enough for you to get excited about…..check out their fashion style. I love these girls and hopefully I’ll get an interview with them soon.

 Check out some of their FAB covers here. Enjoy!

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