Ever Since 2010 there has been a sudden surge of Jamaican artists travelling to Zimbabwe to perform. The icon and legend that is Bob Marley in 1980 performed in Zimbabwe and also released the popular track “Zimbabwe” to signify Independence for the country known as Rhodesia then.

30 Years after Marley’s show a producer named Jusa Dementor of Abra Records born and raised in the country produced a national anthem entitled “Rise Up Zimbabwe” by Wallace Wilson better known as Red Rat that uplifted the mainly ghetto youth and before long became one of the most played songs in the nation.

With Africans artists like P Square, D’banj, Wizkid and 2face are making their mark on the Music industry and being signed to major labels, it seems Abra Records are destined to do the same within the Reggae & dancehall scene. With a ‘never give up’ attitude, they have stepped up to the next level with their forthcoming project headed by Island Life Records, who noticed the young talent early.

On 1 July Island Life released a riddim compilation entitled Purplehayzz (link to listen here) with the music composed by Jusa Dementor & Abra Records with artists like Beenieman, Lady Saw, Kiprich, Taranchayla, ZJ Liquid, Kazz, Jusa, Roby Gee and many more. This Is certainly a historic moment as far as African music is concerned.

Based in the United Kingdom, Tawanda Sibotshiwe – better known as Jusa Dementor – is the producer, & main artist at A.B.R.A  Records ( African Bred Recording Artists). He has won and been nominated for many international and regional awards for his music, his music production and video directing.

As a performing artist, Jusa has made diverse music fusing many genres and singing styles and has collaborated with artists from all over the world including Jamaica. Jusa is managed by Blackpearl PR and directed by Abra Simzz,  CEO of Abra, a now familiar name in the dancehall circles.

Ever since  Red Rat opened the door with the  single “Rise Up Zimbabwe” they have gone on to work with Hawkeye, Don Yute, Voicemail,Ward 21 to mention a few.  They released Two Riddims compilations earlier this year Own Class & Persian Ryder Riddim that created a buzz within the dancehall downloads sites. They are also behind a collaboration with Jamaica’s most popular group Voicemail and R2bees, one of Africa’s best groups from Ghana, with a track to be released later this summer which is also produced by Jusa & Abra Simzz.


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