mAll is set for the release of  J.Slaughter’s debut album “Ever Since 1993,”but before that he’s giving us a dose of what to expect with this new, fresh and hot  single,”Life’s Pleasure.”
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The 19 year-old from Northern Virginia turns his first major work into a masterpiece with inspiring lyrics and a confidently laid back flow to match, all these with smooth piano ensemble courtesy of Cam the Producer on “Life’s Pleasures.”
Listening to “Life’s Pleaures” it’s clear that J’s musical influences range from the uplifting lyrics of Tupac Shakur to the dynamically witty delivery of Kanye West.
“My genre and style to me shows how I acknowledge my generation in making our mark on the world” remarks J when speaking of his musical diversity.J.Slaughter’s debut album, will be released on May 17th. His latest single “Life’s Pleasure’s” is now available on iTunes and all major digital retailers.

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