FAB Music: Interview With D’Banj, Don Jazzy and Mo’hits Group – by Almaz Ohene

D’Banj, Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage and the rest of the Mo’hits group, are one of the most popular ‘Naija’ collectives known on the world music stage.


Endorsed by Kanye West and signed to his G.O.O.D Music label, D’Banj will be playing the HMV Apollo on Monday 29th Aug.

I was first introduced to the music of D’Banj at a cousin’s wedding in Accra in 2009. The bride and groom danced their first dance as Mr and Mrs to their hit record ‘Fall in Love’.

Fresh from an interview with Tim Westwood, the Mohits group spoke to FAB about their music.


All images by Juliana Kasumu

Mo'hits group

FAB: For listeners that aren’t so well versed in the Naija scene can you describe your sound?

D’ Banj: My sound? Wow! Well now…

Dr Sid: People often like to describe it as Afrobeat. We’ve basically taken the rhythm and the soul of African music, (Afro-beat) and we’ve seamlessly fused it with the sounds of the international hip-hop/R’n’B movement.  I like to call it ‘Don Jazzy’.

FAB: So you’ve created your own sound?

Dr Sid: Yes! ‘Don Jazzy’, haha. But I think that most people would call it ‘Afro-pop’.

FAB: Outside Nigeria where is your biggest following?

D’Banj: Well I’ve not been everywhere yet, but I’d say London. We do have a following in Malaysia, India and Finland. But the fans here in London are crazy.

FAB: What’s the best thing about making music?


D'Banj and Dr Sid


D’Banj: You said it – making music!

FAB: Not the money, the women or the clothes?

D’Banj: No! It’s all about the music! You have to ask yourself the reason that you’re doing this. It’s to entertain through music.

FAB: You guys are looking pretty stylish today, who are you wearing?


D'Banj in D&G and Armani

D’Banj: Heh! I’ve been wearing D&G shades for a long time with the hope that they’ll invest in me! I’m also wearing a Balanciaga shirt and Armani jeans.

FAB: And how do you feel about all the travelling that you get to do?

D’Banj: It’s great! But sometimes it’s tiring. We’re going on tour for nearly two months soon and we’re all excited. This show at the HMV Apollo is just the beginning!


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