Yesterday we brought you news of Lami’s latest single “Titi LaiLai” and today, as promised, we bring you our exclusive with the FABulous singer where she talks all things music, life and FAB.

Hey Lami, with a new single out, how are you feeling?

Fine, thank you! Nervous, excited, tickled!

We know who you are, but for those who don’t, who is Lami Philips?

Lami Phillips is a simple, real, intuitive, gifted, grounded, eclectic singer and songwriter. There are other adjectives and accolades, but the most important is that i am a child of God.

Like the fans, we’ve been wondering where Lami disappeared to. Some said you quit! Why the hiatus?

I’ll be honest… I did think about quitting. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the processes and lack of structure in the Nigerian music industry. I started to feel like I had to compromise to be accepted. I dealt with a lot of unprofessional professionals who exploited the Intuition album and the brand. Being a woman, putting out ‘clean’ Afro-soul music and making it mainstream in Nigeria is a paradox on many levels.

Last Official single was “Ori Mi Wu” and your new single, “Titi Lai” – both talking about love in their different ways. Is there anyone in particular that inspires your music?


What inspires your music?

My unadulterated and sincere hope that true love is real; its exists and it works, even in the most imperfect and hopeless circumstances.

What’s your take on marriage?

It’s a healthy idea with God at the center, or a foolish one without God!

Is Lami single?

NO. I’m happily taken, thank you!

How does that play out in the industry?

I hardly make it an issue. Music is work… I have rules and principles to guide me and I am surrounded by a strong team who protect those principles.

How do you find the Nigerian Entertainment industry?

Stressful, confusing, but I’m grateful because, by God’s grace, I’ve accomplished in two years what most haven’t in 10 years. I’m humbled enough to stay grounded and keep churning out good music.

Let’s move away from entertainment for a bit. Tell us a little about your work with Oxfam and United Nations?

I’m a UN Envoy & Ambassador and  Oxfam Ambassador. For the UN,as an envoy I attend conferences and coordinate many global initiatives; and as an ambassador I’m called on to perform for dignitaries all over the world. As an Oxfam ambassador I’m heavily involved in the Act4Africa initiative tackling the food crisis in Africa.There’s more to it all but that is a good summary.

How did you get these appointments?

Beats me! Actually, I was recommended by a BBC correspondent and one thing led to the other. I have always taken part in charity initiatives because I was raised that way. When I was at Roedean School, I created the “talent show” which partners with Action Aid to raise money for disadvantaged children all over the world. Up until I completed my MBA I continued to work with them on that project.

FAB Lami

Fab thing about your name? It was given to me by my father and it means “my joy/wealth has come.”

Fab thing about your country of origin? The Nigerian part of me loves that Nigerians are resilient, born hustlers.

Describe yourself in 3 words? Beautiful, authentic, interesting.

What makes you FAB? GOD.

FAB book? The Colour Purple.

FAB film? The Colour Purple and Forest Gump.

FAB album of all times? Too many to mention – every Babyface album, Jill Scott (Who is Jill Scott?), Tupac (All Eyez on Me), Lauryn Hill (Miseducation of Lauryn Hill), Joss Stone (Mind,Body & Soul), Maxwell (Urban Hang Suite), Alanis Morisette (Jagged Little Pill).

FAB fashion item? Myself!

FAB way to relax? Being with family, watching cartoons/Friends/Modern Family….and EATING!

FAB thing about being African? Being beautiful!

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