Efya – sensational Ghanaian musical super star – has her debut album, “Love Genesis” coming out December 25th 2013. The album spans a myriad of beautiful songs, from emotionally taut power ballads to laid back odes to heartbreak.  It’s no wonder that with her strong vocals and smooth singing, she has won her several music awards and has already garnered herself a strong cult following around the African continent. With her new music, Efya has evolved into a more internationally-friendly- R&B-meets-Afro Soul-style that is similar to musicians like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Amy Winehouse. The notes on “Love Genesis” transcends the African region and will no doubt catapult her as an international rising star.
She will be giving her fans a little gift, prior to releasing her debut album in December. She has put together a compilation of all her previous singles on an album titled ‘This is Not the Album’ as a prelude to the release of “Love Genesis” and all the songs will be available for free downloading on her website and on iTunes October 31st 2013. This will mark the first time all her singles and collaborations have been on one disc so it is pretty exciting.
Check out one of her single’s ‘Best in Me':

Besides her music, Efya has a strong commitment to helping society, she dedicates much of her time in children’s hospitals and women’s clinics helping out as much as she can. She also has a keen sense of effortless style and charisma that is unique to only her which further adds to the intrigue the public has of her. She is the New African Woman, her strength, drive, beauty, talent and kindness sets her apart from other singers.

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