Yesterday, we shared with you guys the news that singer/producer Don Jazzy is now the Don of a brand new record label, Mavin Records. True to his words, the debut album from said label was released earlier today. The 12-tracked album consists of music from each artiste in the new label (Dr Sid, Wande Coal, D’ Prince and Tiwa Savage) plus one song they all did together.

I was extremely excited to listen to the first dish served up by the ‘Mavins’ and even more excited to do my own little review and share with you all

Predictably, the album kicked off with an intro basically introducing the record label, Mavin, and the album. Really interesting to find out that Mavin is an English word. (Guess I learned something today).

The first track in the album, ‘I’m a Mavin’ presumably delivered by all four artistes in the label, was their first ‘all-stars’ presentation. Seems the music was purely made for commercial purposes as the beats was fast-paced (just the type that could be a club hit) but the content isn’t all that impressive. I couldn’t tell who was who, but I was really glad to hear Tiwa Savage’s sultry vocals, which broke the all-male vocals monotony quite nicely. All in all, nice track, doesn’t hold a candle to Mo’hits All Stars hits though.

Gorgeous singing sensation, Tiwa Savage was the voice behind the second track titled ‘Oma Ga’. Soft and a little less upbeat than the first song, Tiwa delivered a pretty good track.

Dr Sid then steps in with Yolo, a song that encourages everyone to live life to the fullest as Yolo (You Only Live Once). With danceable beats, this song would most definitely be a club hit.

Next is Wande Coal’s ‘See Me Ri’. Nice beats, I have no clue what the song was all about lyrically though. It is apparently strictly for the dance floor.

The 6th track, D’Prince’s Take Banana is another upbeat track and will most likely be a club banger.

Dr Sid then returns with his second song on the album titled CPR, a love song where he confesses that his beloved leaves him breathless and in need of resuscitation.

Wande Coal also drops his second music of the album titled, ‘Forever‘, another love song.

Next is D’Prince once again with ‘Why you over there‘, a song with some very raunchy lyrics. No doubt it would be a favorite among the guys.

Apparently, Dr Sid is ‘as sweet as chocolate’ in this track. Another song that would get you to the dance floor in a heartbeat.

Wande Coal regales us with his voice for the last time in the album with ‘Pretty Girls’

D’Prince then rounds up with ‘Amarachi‘ an Ibo-chorused love ode to a girl named Amarachi.

The album itself then rounded off with an Outro.

All in all, the album isn’t half bad. It was obviously more of a commercial album and I’m sure the songs would still be rocking clubs and parties for months to come. The sound and production quality is pretty good but still not ahead of what we experienced during the Mo’hits era. Sad though, that Tiwa Savage only got to deliver one track in the compilation, while Dr Sid, Wande Coal and D’prince got to enjoy three each. Wonder why that is?

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2 Responses


    Very weak effort…It is obvious that the don is still shaken from the recent events…However, I commend his decision to quickly move on from it all…I like ‘Forever’ that single track can sell the album…This crew will do well together and I was a MoHits fan and will continually pledge for Don jazzy and the Mavins!

  2. abegi

    Amarachi is nice. i like the high-life feel. Jealous our lovu! They tried but comparing to MoHits is not fair as they only just got started. All the best don baba jay.


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