Mister Daddy Black as he is often referred to is certainly no small boy; for the past 11 years, he has actively been working his way through the Cameroon music scene preparing himself, recording his music in the studios and making his vocals heard.

The Yaoundé based artist is now ready to unleash his baby in the form of his music and experiences to the wider public. “Ah No Be Small Boy” his second release which will feature in an 18 track album entitled “Hustler’s Philosophy” scheduled to be released in the Spring of next year is an RnB song subtly tinged with reggae and afro beat influences with lyrical content and creatively engineered instrumentals.

The message passed in this real life inspired song is nothing far from real for it paints the picture of the struggle between love and materialism very vividly that you do not need to listen between the lines to understand that some women are only there when the going is good.

With such great tracks and very creative retro posters in association with February 16th Pictures, MisterDaddy Black has one thing on his mind – to set himself apart from the rest of the Cameroonian artists and to let his music do the talking for him.

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